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Me & My Beautiful Son!

A Father's Cry

I was watching my children sleep. I thought of how much I loved them. I realized that it was a beautiful glimpse of God's love for us.. and how much he loved Jesus. He watched his son be beaten and tortured. An Almighty God and he had to do nothing but stand by as his son died. So that his son could set out what he had come to do. Then I wrote this song.

Your son knelt down and prayed
This cup passeth from me if it may
But let thy will be done
Said the precious son
Beaten and crowned with thorns
What has happend to our lord?
He carried the cross up the hill
He carried out his father's will
Crucified, the son cried
Father, why have thou forsaken me?
Why have you left me alone to die?
As ten thousand angels stood on by
You watched your son die
Buried behind the stone
All your pain fell from the sky
A father's cry
And it rained
All your pain
Brought on a storm
Thunders rolled through the Earth
That's how much we are worth...
How great is your love
How great is your love
How great... is your love..

by Charlene,October 24, 2007

**note: these lyrics are protected under copyright**

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What We Need.

My mom and I were having a conversation at Applebee's. We were talking about Christmas gifts. She told me of a story about a woman who recalled how her father always bought her warm clothes and socks every Christmas and never any toys. Growing up, she constantly griped and complained that she never recieved any toys. She said that as she got older, she started to realize that her father was always thinking about what she needed. It was how he loved her.

Our father in Heaven is always thinking about what we need.

If you think about this..

Jesus is what we need. The devil is what we want.

We want the worldly things and to enjoy the pleasures of sin. Too often do we go astray from God because the devil has all of our wants and our desires. God is what we need.

Don't forget that.

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