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A Hello!

Hi everyone, I am still without internet. I miss all of you! SisterLisa has been kind to allow me to use her computer. I have some blogs scheduled for a post every few days. Thanks for teaching me how to do that Jess :) Hope you're all doing well! I miss blogging, and reading all of your blogs!


  1. Andrea said...
    We miss you. GOD BLESS you!! I have had computer problems lately and now we have internet (wireless) problems at home. It has been crazy. Praying your internet is restored soon, sweet friend!
    Blessings, andrea
    Martha said...
    Ahoy there matey!

    Yay for robot blogs :) now I shall superficially think you're talking to me in present time :D
    christy rose said...
    Missing you too!
    LisaShaw said...
    Stopped by to see you dear one. Praying that you'll be back online soon.

    God bless.

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