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Being Alive- By Charlene

I have traveled down a road and looking back, I cannot believe I have come this far. I never thought I would be the one who walked away from the one I loved very deeply. I never thought that my life's passion would be in being a mother. I never thought I'd be living in a city all on my own and standing here today where I am.

In my life's lessons, I have learned that the hardest thing to do is the right thing. Letting go of a dream to find another. I learned that we all need to take care of ourselves and that the greatest people are the ones who can care for others more than themselves.

I have learned that we cannot rely on others or ourselves to get through life's problems. We all need to rely on God because he cares. How blessed are we to have a God who is not unforgiving and selfish! How blessed are we to have a God who is so merciful and kind! The lord is truly mighty. He never leaves our side even if we turn our backs to him. He has brought me this far and he will lead me safely home.

I was driving down a road on a beautiful evening. The sun was setting and the world was aglow. The wind was twirling the leaves and the sky was red and gold. I breathed in the air. Free. I felt so free and alive. Life was like a song. It is moments like these that I live for.

Just to wake up next to a sleeping baby that I call my own. To have a beautiful boy come and jump in my bed every morning. To know they are mine. I am forever devoted to them and because of them, I am forever complete.

Life is quite a journey. It is a road that takes you to many places you never thought you would be. I have learned that it is pointless to make plans in life, because life already has a plan for you.

and the meaning of life is just to live. It is a gift from God for us to enjoy every sunrise and sunset, to love someone more than we love ourselves, to give and recieve, and every thing imaginable on this Earth.

I am glad to be alive.

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  1. Lisa said...
    This is beautiful.

    Although we are different ages and at different stages in our lives (I'm married and a mother of a grown daughter, grandmother to one and one on the way and a mother to a teen daughter)and although our lives are different we are one in Christ and therefore I can completely agree with what you wrote in this message. God bless and keep you and your children.

    Lisa Shaw

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