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Sailing in the Wind- By Charlene

It is in those moments that we truly live in, those moments that we truly breathe in that bring life to us. It is where your spirit forever remains. Those moments where your heart opens up and you feel more alive than you have ever been. Life is when we are dreaming and there are moments when we awaken and realize that we are truly living. That is where we will always be.

My spirit is in the sunset. Traveling down an empty highway on a summer evening. The radio is playing. My hand is out the window and my fingers are twirling the wind. The sky is turquoise and gold with signatures of fiery red from the blazing sun. It follows me wherever I go, lingering in between every tree that passes me. The sun sends me love notes before the somber moon takes it's place. I throw my head back and I open up my arms. I feel the release in me. The wind flows upon every ounce of me and I let the cleansing air settle into my soul, releasing every bounds that drag me and blowing away the heavy chains wrapped around me. My soul is free. I am alive once again.

I have resurrected from the darkness. I trusted him with all of me and I loved him with every breath I took. He trampled over me and buried me beneath the dark soil and left me forgotten and worthless. Finally I will rise and I will take the life that is rightfully mine. Once again I shall call it my own.

My heart is like a butterfly thriving in the sun. Fragile and untouched, I will turn into dust in your hands. Heartache has blinded me for so long. I couldn't see the light in the sky. The glorious sun greets an old friend with warm kisses on my cheek. The leaves dance for joy in the flowing wind. Too long have I forgotten the colors in the sky.

Like a bird, I wanna fly high above. Sailing in the wind. I am free. At last, I am


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