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Get a Free Issue of Home School Digest!

Come and get a FREE issue of Home School Digest and support Gleaning the Harvest! Here is the post from Jacque Dixon's blog!


I received an email from Mr. Israel Wayne through the Gleaning the Harvest emails offering me the opportunity to raise some advertising money for an ad for Gleaning the Harvest in the home schooling magazine, Home School Digest. The awesome thing is that that is not all it is. It is a FREE Sample Issue for all of my friends too.

I ordered my FREE sample issue today, and I wanted to let you know you could too. The emphasis of Home School Digest is on Family Discipleship, Character Building and Developing A Biblical Worldview. HSD is also the nation’s longest-running Christian homeschooling magazine.

The link to order your FREE sample offer is:

and the Promo Code is: GLEAN

By using this link and Promo code, you will receive a free sample issue of the magazine, and Gleaning the Harvest will receive $1 in magazine advertising credit. You are welcome to spread the word about this also via your blogs and websites, in email, on Yahoo groups, in church bulletins and other support groups and meetings.

Thank you, and I hope you get your free sample issue and thanks for supporting GTH!


Jacque Sig


  1. MrsD/Jacque said...
    Thanks for spreading the word Charlene!
    ~*Michelle*~ said...
    Thanks! Going to check it out now! :)

    ps. Glad I "found" you thru Martha's blog. :)
    LisaShaw said...
    Thanks for your sweet comment today on my blog. I love you and your boys.

    I pray that you will walk in the peace of GOD as you wait on Him in all things. You are a special and precious young lady.

    Love ya.

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