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The Good Friday Hoax

In the calendar, we are all taught that Jesus Christ died on Friday. Yet, that goes against the Word of God in the Bible. That makes the Bible seem false and make Jesus wrong. As we know, the Word is infallible and Jesus fulfilled ALL that he said he would do.

"For as Jonas was three days and three nights in the whale's belly; so shall the Son of man be three days and three nights in the heart of the earth." Matthew 12:40

If we do the math, Jesus dying on a Friday afternoon and rising at the crack of dawn on Sunday would NOT be three days and three nights. It only adds up to one day and two nights (Fri PM, Sat AM, PM) It is far less than 72 hours! Therefore, Jesus did NOT die on a Friday.

Also, he died during an annual Sabbath observance that wasn't just a Saturday like every week, but the Passover which was several days long. The Jewish calendar and timeline is somewhat different than ours. Their days start at sunset, not at midnight like ours. They follow the Sun and the Moon to set the days.

Here is a timeline for further information and several links that would be helpful and full of information if you wanted to research further!



  1. Sisterlisa said...
    According to that chart doesn't it show him rising on a Saturday? Yet Mary came the 1st day of the week because she rested on the Sabbath. Maybe I'm not reading the chart right?
    Miss Charlene said...
    In the Jewish calendar, the day starts from sundown to sundown. So, the sunset on Saturday evening is the start of Sunday, the first day of the week.
    .:*Beautiful Self*:. said...
    My question has nothing to do with this post....
    It's actually about your little "button" (which is posted on my blog now)!
    How could I make one of those for my blog? Is there a special site I have to go to in order to make one?

    Thank you!
    ~ Heather
    Jenn@A Country Girl's Ramblings said...
    Interesting! Thanks for sharing.
    LisaShaw said...
    Hi Charlene,

    Stopped by to give my love and pray for a blessed weekend for you and your boys in the presence of the LORD.

    Love you.
    Anonymous said...
    Veerry interesting, thanks for sharing ;)

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