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My grandmother, Lucille, that we lovingly called "Nana" passed away on Thursday evening. She was eighty-eight years old and lived a long, full life. I have many memories of her while I was growing up. She was a vibrant and sassy woman who always wore sparkling sweaters and had her hair in curls. I used to watch her put on her makeup. She was the one who taught me how to walk straight because back then, I used to walk like a duck! I remember that she was always there for me while I was growing up. She fell into alzhimer's during the last few years of her life, but I will always remember her as the way she was. Rest in peace and I'll see you soon.

With all my love, Charlene


  1. Anonymous said...
    May she rest in peace! I believe I was there when the doctor's diagnosed her with Dementia instead of Alzheimer's Disease. Ask Mom to be sure.

    I remember she made me eat cereal filled with bugs, which explains my cereal phobia :P
    Sisterlisa said...
    Golly Martha! I hope you have better memories than that. :P

    My heart goes out to all of you!!! See you at the service. ((hugs))
    SuperAngel said...
    My condolences and prayers are with you all! We lost my great Grandmother, who was named Lucille too, to Alzheimer's in January.
    I am so looking forward to the day when we go to heaven and I will be able to see her again!
    She sounds like a wonderful grandma and I am sure you will miss her! :)
    Miss Amanda

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