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The Simple Woman's Daybook #1

I have seen several of my girl friends participate in this fun thing to do online called "The Simple Woman's Daybook." If you would like to participate, then go and visit I recommend it :) Here is my first one!

For Today

Outside my Window.. is a dark parking lot with a dim light on.

I am thinking... about what I should write in my blog next. I have the issue in my heart and need some time to ponder on how to express it.

From the learning rooms... are a couple of library books that need to be returned. Oops!

I am thankful for... my two darling boys and a wonderful mom who is also my best friend. I am thankful for an amazing church that is my second home and friends that are my spirtual family.

From the kitchen... are colorful Christmas lights up for decoration. Deaf people love things that grab their eyes ;)

I am wearing... a long skirt. I need to buy more skirts so I can throw out all my pants.

I am reading.. "Heaven is Real" by Don Piper. It is the sequel to "90 Minutes in Heaven." I do recommend it!

I am hoping... all my hopes rest in the hands of the Lord.

I am creating... a life and a home. I am working very hard at this and need stability first before the rest comes.

I am hearing... the fan blow behind me. Thank goodness for hearing aids. Modern technology is wonderful :)

Around the house... the house is finally squeaky clean. I spent all day catching up on chores!

One of my favorite things... is a quiet moment alone where I can relax and do whatever I am in the mood for. Most of the time it is reading or writing.

A Few Plans For The Rest Of The Week... are some errands but tomorrow is our park and ice cream day! Thank you Lord for giving me Tuesdays back!

Here is a picture thought I am sharing with you...

This is my little Landon when he was just a wee baby. Now he is nearly four years old and in preschool. I am in such awe of how he has grown into a little gentleman and I can already see God's hand in his life. He has just started preschool so I am going through this emotion from grasping that my baby is growing up so fast!


  1. Sisterlisa said...
    Wonderful daybook. I enjoy this meme because it helps us get to know one another better. Thank you for sharing about the lights. I will remember that. ;O)

    I'm glad you have a safe preschool where Lan can be with hearing people. I believe it will help him with his speech. He is blessed to have a mommy like you!
    SuperAngel said...
    Very sweet daybook! I am so happy I stopped by and got to see yours!
    I have to tell you how happy I was to read your "I am hearing" answer! Isn't that wonderful! :)

    Landon is so cute! I bet he is just an amazing 4 year old! :D
    This was fun to read! great daybook!
    Prayers and Blessings,
    Miss Amanda

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