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Hi everyone! Here is an UPDATE! I know I haven't been on since forever! Good news, it won't be forever anymore ;) I moved in with my mom (moved AGAIN for the second time this month and I am plain exhausted!) to save money for Landon's school. We are doing great! My mom opened an internet account today and has a computer in her room so I will be checking it more now. I miss the blogs and the devotions terribly!! I am thrilled to start writing again! Everything is good! Landon started preschool this Wednesday and he is SO PROUD of himself! He is doing wonderful! I will post pictures soon!! Love you all, from ME!

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  1. Martha Leah said...
    Hi hon I know we haven't spoke in a long while but what do you mean by this post, are you actually sharing the same apartment with mom now? Let me know so I can figure out the room number and living situation, meow!

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