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A Letter from Me♥

Hi Everyone!

First, I wanted to make sure that I explained what I felt when I wrote "No Greater Joy." Sometimes I have this great burst of love for my children! I adore them so much! But, there is a greater love. God. If I seek God first, he will take care of my children for me. I believe that only through him, I can successfully raise two amazing boys. God is so good and I am just so blessed that he gave me the gift of having two children.

I also wanted to tell you that there will be a change. I am moving to a new apartment tomorrow since my financial life is changing. I am making living more affordable. I won't be having a computer with me when I go. It will save me a lot of money, and it will allow me to have more time to enjoy being with my children. I think it is for the best!

I will check the computer when I visit my mother's home. I will write devotions before I go to check her computer. I enjoy it SO much and I don't want to lose that. I hope that from all of this, we will only gain more from it, even though we may lose more things. Does that make sense? hah.

I hope you all keep in touch! I cherish you all as my friends that are dear to my heart!

Love, Charlene _\m/


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