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When God is in Control, Life Rocks!!!

For the past month, I have been frantically searching for an affordable place to live. My financial situation is about to drop significantly this August and I have been downsizing everything I possibly can. I am not letting myself be upset or angry that I have to lose this beautiful home. We have an amazing four bedroom house with a huge yard in a very friendly neighborhood. I just want to thank God for giving me and the kids a whole year to enjoy this blessing! I didn't deserve this beautiful home at all and God allowed me to enjoy this with my family.

When I found out about the income change, I started to worry heavily. I admit it is my biggest flaw. I worry the life out of myself. I spent an entire month applying to apartment after apartment. It was either too expensive, had a long waiting list or in a bad area. The closer the deadline was, the more frantic and stressed I became. Then, I became convicted by a sermon in church this last Sunday. I knew God was speaking to my heart. My Pastor preached this verse, :

"But seek ye first the kingdom of God, and his righteousness; and all these things shall be added unto you. " Matthew 6:33.

I realized that I needed to seek God first, the things above and his righteousness. My mind was on all the other things too much. I would spend every waking moment restlessly worrying about all the details of the things I had to deal with in my life. Well, that didn't leave much room for me to think about God. Do we just squeeze in our thoughts of God in the pile of stuff in our heads? It should be the other way around.

I prayed about this and decided to leave it all up to God and let him handle my worries for me. Almost immediately, I could feel the difference. The past several days have been peaceful in spite of the situation I was in. Just today, something miraculous happend! I turned in an application to a nice apartment and my mom turned it in the same time. We got approved within two hours and not only that, but the manager got us an apartment where we can live above and below each other! My mom will be living in the apartment upstairs while I am in the apartment downstairs! That is amazing! Landon was so excited when he saw the swimming pool and the little playground!

I was like.. "Wow, this doesn't just happen. Thank YOU God!"

And I also realized that I wasted all my time and energy worrying. Life is great when God is in control!!

Thank you God for this time to enjoy a home <3


  1. Martha Leah said...
    Congrats!! We need to do the same and put our worries in God's hands.. it seems that everything is falling apart but your blog was a nice lil' reminder of what we need to start doing again. Spanks!
    Sisterlisa said...
    I'm so happy for you Charlene! I look forward to helping you on moving day!

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