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The Winning Team

One of my biggest struggles is my control. I work very hard to make things good, happy, peaceful and safe. I can be very stubborn and I don't trust anyone to do things right. Sometimes when I cannot accomplish this, then I feel so powerless. I am afraid of feeling that powerless feeling. I haven't given God much chance to do things for me. I am always too busy handling everything by myself.

The valuable lesson that I learned is that the moment we step aside and hand over the reins to God, he takes over and he takes care of you. Right then and there. Just right when you need him at exactly the right time. Sorry God, I know you have been waiting for that chance to make my everything okay.

I wrote this song while I was driving the other day.

Have your way Lord,
Have you way.
Have your way with my heart.
Have your way with my will.
Have your way with my life.
I give it all to you.

Whenever the world throws you a curve ball that you just can't seem to hit, remember.. he who is in you is greater than he who is in the world. I am just a poor klutz that can't swing a bat the right way. Why keep trying to hit that ball on your own? God is like Babe Ruth. Let him inside you and he will use you to do amazing, unbelievable things! That ball has no chance when God is the batter!

Aren't you glad you're on the winning team??!


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