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A Psalm- "My Heart Overflows"

"My Heart Overflows"

When you speak to me, Lord
It begins as a sweet whisper in my ear
And your holy presence is drawing me near
I can hear you calling and it fills my soul
Oh I can feel it resonate in my bones
And there is no denying it anymore
Jesus, you have taken away all my fears
And my heart overflows

When you speak to me, Lord
My heart blazes with fire from above
I thought I was beyond any repair
But you took me and then you made me whole
Oh I surrender everything to you
Oh I've never been more alive today
And My heart overflows

When you speak to me, Lord
There's a great revelation in me
There has never been a greater love
That a wretch like me has ever known
And everywhere I go I can see
That your love spills over everywhere
And my heart overflows

by Charlene, August 13, 2008

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  1. Taffy said...
    My, what beautiful poem..incredible verse too.May God bless you and continue to inspire you to write more psalms like this one to bless us and water our Spirits.

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