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It Is Well With My Soul.

I heard this story today in my New Horizon's class this morning. It was so beautiful that I couldn't wait to come home, find it online and share it with you guys! It is a story that I think, shows remarkable faith and trust in God. As Christians, we live above the circumstances. We need to remember to trust in God during whatever trials we may face and to know that God is in control. That thought alone gives my soul rest and comfort.

In 1873 the Spafford family planned a trip to England. Mr. Spafford was delayed by business, and so sent Mrs. Spafford and the four girls on ahead. Their ship sunk off of Newfoundland. Mrs. Spafford was one of only 47 survivors. All four of his daughters had drowned. Mr. Spafford received a horrific telegram from his wife: "saved alone". He boarded the next available ship. When Mr. and Mrs. Spafford met up with Dwight Moody in England, Mr. Spafford simply said, "It is well. The will of God be done."

But when his ship had passed through the same place in the river where his daughters had drowned just a few hours before, he wrote this beautiful song: "It is Well With My Soul."


  1. SuperAngel said...
    This is one of my favorite songs! :)
    thank you for the birthday wishes and you sweet words! I had a wonderful day!
    Miss Amanda
    Anonymous said...
    I heard about this story tonight and it touched my heart!! I definitely have a new respect for this song, beautiful!!

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