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A Long and Overdue Update!

Hi guys! Here's the scoop! I know it's been so long since Ive posted anything. I miss blogging so much and keeping up with all of you! I am in the process of moving! My life is going to be making BIG changes in the next two weeks! I'll be writing about all of it and I should be getting internet soon! I can't wait to share everything! Love you all and I hope everyone has been well! *Mwah*

from, Charlene


  1. Martha said...
    Yay, can't wait until I can pester you online 24/7 ((eye twitches)) better start drinking more of that English tea aye? Or maybe less of it... hmm.. o_O
    Pilar said...
    Will be looking forward reading how everything goes, till then, I see you in facebook :)
    christy rose said...
    so excited to hear from you!
    Beth in NC said...
    I can't wait to hear what is going on!!!

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