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My Mother's Wedding <3

I wanted to congratulate my mother on finally finding love and happiness. God blessed her with a wonderful man who truly loves her. I welcome George to our (crazy) family and hope God blesses their marriage in abundance for all the days yet to come!! Our family gathered together at a very small and intimate wedding on September 8th to celebrate their marriage! Congrats to Mom and George! We love you!! Here are pictures down below!!

Mom and George with me and Landon, my oldest son!

Arent the boys cute?? My nephew Cody, Landon and Brady, my two little boys!

The whole family! Including my sister Martha and her husband Adam!



  1. Martha said...
    It was a beautiful wedding indeed, I had a blast!! CONGRATS to Ma and George <3
    christy rose said...
    Congratulations to your mom! You all look beautiful!
    Krystal said...
    You and Martha look so much like your mom!!!

    Beautiful pics!

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