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How I Love to Love You Lord!

This morning, I was driving my car and just adoring God on the way to school. I felt his presence with me and it was a beautiful morning. I walked to my first class in the morning and just worshipped him in my mind. I felt peace and joy :)

By the time my class was over, my stomach was growling. I had dance class next and another class after that so I knew I wouldn't have time for lunch. I said to God, "I know you're not a genie but it'd be SO nice if dance class was cancelled so that I could have some lunch!" Dance class wasn't cancelled but no one in my group showed up. My teacher excused me early and I had time to grab lunch! Thanks God!!

I found my interpreter quietly eating lunch in the corner of the cafeteria. We had salad together and a nice conversation. I told her about my ideas to become a private tutor for the deaf. She told me to find an ILS center because they have rooms and deaf clients that I could work with. I smiled and said, "funny you said that, because my sister just got a job at an ILS center."

God, you planned the whole thing didn't you??

How can I doubt for only a moment that you exist, God? I see you working in my life and in other's all around me. I feel your presence everywhere I go and you're bigger than the trees and the mountains. You bring life and you live within me. Let me be a vessel that carries your spirit everywhere I go. I am not worthy, but I am blessed to know you lord. How I love to love you!


  1. Anonymous said...
    Ah, it brings a smile to my face that I am THE answer to your prayers.

    I can get used to this!

    Nah, God used me to help you. Still, I feel flattered!! :)
    Sisterlisa said...
    Wow! Ok I have tears in my eyes! A private tutor? HOW wonderful!!!!!
    Miss said...
    All the time I ask God for help, He helps in a blink! I love god He is so wonderful! Thank-you for that article Charline! That reminds me to take time to think about how wonderful He really IS!
    Miss said...
    I don't no why my name is not on here!?! Monica from church.
    Jess said...
    Hey. This is Jess from church. What a nice post. God is everywhere, isn't he. We just cannot escape from his power and glory.

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