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A Godly Mother ♥

I am proud to say that I will be graduating this May with a degree in Social and Behavioral Sciences. I can hardly believe that I have made it this far. I have accomplished something that I have set out to do. I also have been learning SO much from the ladies at church and from my wonderful pastor. I can honestly say that I have learned more valuable information from my church than I ever have from my college.

I have found this great desire in my heart to do God's will. I started feeling something nudge in my heart recently that made me question things. I have been accepted to an university and I planned to become a teacher a long time ago. But this time, I feel like that maybe God is leading me to become a stay at home mother. I know that it sounds absurd in this day and age for a woman to give up a career and stay at home with her kids. But God has called us to become mothers and raise our children FIRST above other things.

In this world, everything has been getting worse. I see it everyday all around me and especially in my classes at school. It breaks my heart and my desire for my boys to become Godly is so great! I know that they need their mother there with them daily, to lead them, teach them widsom and understanding, to show them how to live a Godly life. I have heard that so many children out there envy kids who have their mother there for them all the time.

This semester has been brutal for me because I really noticed that I have been spending so much time at school and studying at home. I am too exhausted to do all the little things that count! My kids have been missing out on spending time with me.

What I want is to finish college. What I want is to have a career. But it doesn't matter what I want. God's will comes first and my children come first above my own desires. I want them to have the best life possible and I want to teach them SO much! I want to have this bond with them that will last all of our lives.

God chose me to be their mother. I am blessed for that forever. I promised God I will give everything I have as a mother and that I will teach them about him. It's hard to believe that I am coming to this decision but I feel like God is leading me this way. He has a plan for us and I trust in him. I know that this will be very difficult as a single mother, especially when it comes to finances, but God will always provide for us.


  1. Anonymous said...
    Keep praying to God and make sure it is in his Will. If your heart leads you to this decision and with his blessing, you can do it!! It's kind of funny but we read this at tonight's service, I even wrote it down for you!

    "But My God Shall Supply All Your Need According To His Riches In Glory By Christ Jesus" -Philippians 4:19

    God will provide for you and he will take care of your family for you. Don't let your financial worries prevent your calling to be a SAHM ;-)

    Love, Martha
    Anonymous said...
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    johnboy said...
    Hey you :)

    I just want to let you know that I admire you soooo much for, taking this step for your boys. Your boys are truly blessed to have a Proverbs 31 momma :) I know it gonna be hard maybe even scary at times but if you're willing to step out on faith I know God will meet you there and be the solid rock under your feet.

    You're amazing!

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