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I Seek Your Face

I absolutely love writing devotionals for AgMinistries.Org. I do feel unworthy, however. It is not the kind of task that someone should take and do their own way. Who am I to write devotionals? I need to seek God to lead my heart and tell me what to write about. I need to come to God in prayer and to seek his face. I need diligence to know where he is guiding me. If I try to do it my own way, then it is scrambled and confusing. I pray that God will write the devotionals for me and let me merely be his vessel. It is his words that bring life and bring forth good fruit. Not my own. I am not worthy at all. Whatever I write won't ever cover the depths of what God tells us. He tells us of a meaning that we can only seek spirtually, not logically. I pray that he will help me understand.

I Seek Your Face

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  1. Martha Leah said...
    I have learned that it is not a loud sign, God won't rattle the windows and give you a letter that says "Write this message today!" Instead, we need to trust the little whisperings in our heart that guides us to a specific message. It's hard to explain but all I can say is, pray to God about it. He shall answer! I should know, I'm the magical prayer person LOL

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