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In His Time, He Makes All Things Beautiful.

I have been learning something lately. I realize that I have been searching for someone but it was according to my book, not God's. I had my own list of standards and things I wanted in a man. My sister told me that it only shows how I don't trust that God will choose the right man for me. Only God knows what is best for me.

The Bible tells us to find a mate of an equal yoke. I know that God wants me to be with a Godly man when the time is right. A relationship can only succeed with God in the center of everything. I also have to learn to be patient because it is in God's time. In his time, he makes all things beautiful. God is never early or late, but he is always on time. If I rush to find someone now, it could all easily backfire.

God also holds my heart and he will lead me. As I am single now, it is my time to learn how I can be a Godly wife someday. It is also my time to be alone with God and to be closer to him. I have to be his sheep, not his mule! ;)


  1. Martha Leah said...
    That's right, the pastor asked us girls if we had a mental list of expectations and standards for the possible Mr. Right.. and then he asked us to "mentally throw it away" LOL. God created a man that was made to be your husband, customized to be just yours, so tell him to hurry it up and send him along already ;-)

    P.S. Great picture!
    Taffy said...
    Thanks for this, I am encouraged.God does make all things beautiful in His Time...
    Today's Christian Mom~ said...
    so how do you think you know when you've met the one?
    Miss Charlene said...
    I liked a quote that Mike gave me the other day..

    "Chase God with all your heart and at some point you will realize that a man who has entered your life is running with you, stride for stride, in the same pursuit. That's the man you'll marry."

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