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The Attack on Parental Rights (UNCRC)

There is something that has happened that we all need to be aware of right now. There is something called, the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child, that can interfere with your fundamental, parental rights to raise your child. It is happening in many countries right now and America is next! Hilary Clinton is the newly appointed Secretary of State AND an avid supporter of UNCRC.

Basically, the government can override our parental rights without due process of the law and at their own whim. Parents now have to PROVE their capabilities to raise their own children under the assumption that all are already unfit. The government can make their own decisions about our parental rights according to their own definitions of what is in the "best interest of the child." This has been overwhelmingly abused in the other countries.

Here are some example testimonies that I found from the official website, at Parental Rights.

A thirteen-year-old boy in Washington State was removed from his parents after he complained to school counselors that his parents took him to church too often. His school counselors had encouraged him to call Child Protective Services with his complaint, which led to his subsequent removal and placement in foster care. It was only after the parents agreed to a judge's requirement of less-frequent church attendance that they were able to recover their son.

WEST VIRGINIA—A West Virginia mother was shocked when a local circuit judge and a family court judge ordered her to share custody of her four-year-old daughter with two of the girl’s babysitters. Referring to the sitters as “psychological co-parents,” the justices first awarded full custody to them, only permitting the mother to visit her daughter four times a week at McDonalds. Eventually she was granted primary custody, but forced to continue to share her daughter with the sitters.

When her case finally reached the West Virginia Supreme Court of Appeals in October 2007, the beleaguered mother was relieved to finally be granted full custody of her daughter.

In their October 25 opinion, the Supreme Court justices wrote that they were "deeply troubled by the utter disregard" for the mother's rights. One justice referred to the mother's right as the "paramount right in the world."

Chief Justice Robin Davis summed up the case in one simple question: "Why does a natural parent have to prove fitness when she has never been found unfit?"




NEBRASKA—When Mary and Josue Anaya received a letter asking if they would have their new baby Joel, undergo a blood test, they decided not to, citing religious convictions. The couple was shocked when weeks later Sheriff's deputies showed up on their doorstep to seize their six-week-old baby.

No one had informed the couple that if they refused to have the baby tested, he would be placed in foster care. The family’s attorney, Jeff Downing, says that "this is a classic case of the government overreaching and violating a family’s constitutional rights."

Joel is the first baby in Nebraska that has been seized for a mandatory blood test. In this particular case, Downing says, the state "acted first and asked questions later."

The six-week-old was kept in foster care and only reunited with his parents once the blood test was performed and the preliminary results came back.



These are just a few testimonies amongst MANY that you can find at these links,

There are lots of more information in these websites! Our religion and education decisions are also under direct attack. Please research further, sign the petition and tell a friend! We need to establish our parental rights in the Constitution!

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  1. LisaShaw said...
    Thank you for the information. I will view the links and do some research on this.
    Anonymous said...
    Wow, I will definitely research on this as well and I'm adding the logo to my blog!
    Krystal said...
    Oh my gosh, Charlene! Are these people crazy!?!?!? Those stories are ridiculous!

    BTW, how do you find all this juicy information? I feel like you're my personal consumer reporter!

    You deserve a book deal! I'll be your editor.

    And I'll only take 60%.

    Tranquillity said...
    Man that's some terrible stuff. As Hillary so heinously says, "it takes a village!"
    SuperAngel said...
    Man that is so wrong! >:( We have read about the ROAC act... bad news. It is something we really do need to be aware of and know our rights!

    Praying for you!
    HUGS and LOVES!
    Miss Amanda
    The Daily Planet
    Jenn said...
    I signed up with Parental Rights about 9 months ago. Thanks for blogging about this. I will be adding their logo to my blog as well.
    Judy said...
    That is so frightening, Charlene. A friend's grandkids were taken away because a daycare reported bruises on them. They were two little rowdy boys. The dad found a bruise when they were in custody and asked about that. They had to borrow money to get a lawyer and fight to get their kids back. I can't believe babysitters would get rights to a child. I want to check up on that, too.
    Clara Van Nattan said...
    I can't believe anybody would support such terrible things! Those stories are HORRIBLE! I'm not sure where Australia stands on parental rights, but I do know we need to be careful as a parent because sometimes kids get taken away - I remember at least one case where a mother ended up in jail for slapping her child in public when the child was misbehaving. To this date, the law in Australia still allows parents to discipline their child, but there are limits and sadly it has to do with perception - if someone out there saw me smack my child and they considered that I used undue force, they could report me - thus it is a perception of how much force is too much. I don't believe we should beat our children, but even a firm smack can be seen as too much by some people's standards. So-called "do-gooders" who think they are doing great things when they try to "protect" children from their parents often ruin everything for those who are truly trying to raise their children right in God's eyes. It's very sad.
    MrsD/Jacque said...
    If I had not already studied the CRC a couple of years ago, I would not believe this.
    I have a post started already on the CRC, and I think I will be wrapping it up and posting it.
    Our country is in a dire position right now with Hilary Clinton becoming the Sec. of State. It is her commission to get the US on the UNCRC, and she has vowed to do so. As the Sec. of State, she is in the position to do so. I believe our world is a-changing when that happens.

    Tuesday. The world changes on Tuesday.
    blessings to you friend~
    Serendipitymom12 said...
    Thank you for your comment Jacque and I look forward to seeing what you wrote. I will link your article here so everyone can find out more! Tuesday is almost here and I am dreading it with FOCA, UNCRC, and many 'changes' that are planned. :(
    Sisterlisa said...
    How absurd. What are these people thinking?!? Thank you sharing these links Charlene. I saw a quote once and I repeat it often. "I've seen the village and I don't want it raising my children."

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