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Needles for the Needy

My mom and I decided to start a project called "Needles for the Needy" this last month. We have been given so much from the Lord and our cup runneth over! We felt like it would be an honor to give back to others who need it too!

God has placed a burden in our heart for the homeless. We have a personal experience of being homeless for ten years. Growing in Grace Magazine featured an article that I wrote about my experiences called, With No Place to Call Home.

We want to help the homeless by crocheting as many blankets as we can for next winter! I have contacted the local rescue mission and will get a goal number very soon! We wrote a basic pattern of double crochet blankets using two yarns together to make it thicker and warmer for the needy. However, if you have your own blankets that you created and would like to donate, we will welcome those as well!

We also accept any help financially with donations and even donated yarns to help the ladies make more blankets! Come and visit our website and see how you can be involved! Spread the word please! God bless!


  1. Judy said...
    What a wonderful ministry! God has blessed everyone with talents and they can use them for His glory and to serve others. It's great that you are showing your gratitude by giving to others. God bless your labors for Him.
    LisaShaw said...
    I left a lengthly comment for you directly on your personal story. Love ya.
    Martha said...
    You ladies need to teach me how to crochet again (and read the pattern) when I see you in a couple of weeks!! P.S. What's the plan for Brady's Bday?
    Miss Jocelyn said...
    Happy New Year's! :)

    Miss Jocelyn
    Clara Van Nattan said...
    this is a great idea and I pray you get a lot of help crocheting lots of blankets for your ministry! Too bad I live so far away :(
    Jenn said...
    What a great way to give! I will have to visit your site. I know how to crochet and maybe I can do some of these up.
    Jacque said...
    Since we are just learning to crochet and knit, I hope we can send you some too!!
    Great ministry! You are awesome!

    Love and (((HUGS)))
    One Christian Mom said...
    I love to crochet, and am always looking for a new project. I will give this a try!

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