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Hi everyone! You may notice my blog looks different (if not, then I suggest new prescription glasses, winky). I worked on it all last night. When I added a different template, I accidentally lost all my widgets! What a drag but I am starting over from scratch with this!
I notice that the new year is making a lot of people want new and fresh changes! I'm like that too and thought it was due time for some changes on my Blog! Hope you enjoy it!!
And have a wonderful January!


  1. Tranquillity said...
    I like it! :)
    Anonymous said...
    Lovely! I lost my widgets about 5 times after reinstalling 'em. What a pain!! I'm glad I influenced* you to change the layout, I didn't realize I was so contagious *toothless grin*

    P.S. I love the watchman alert idea!
    Lady Jess said...
    Oh, how cute!
    LisaShaw said...
    Soft and pretty. Wonderful.

    May every part of your year be filled with new, soft and pretty things. Bless you.
    Anonymous said...
    Very nice!
    Miss Monica June said...
    Oh wow Charlene! It looks gorgeous I really really like it!! :):)
    Judy said...
    I like the new look. Where do you get the pictures you put on your blog?
    Serendipitymom12 said...
    Oh Judy, I went to and searched for bird clipart graphics, etc and I put them together on my Paint Program & saved it. I also go to Google Images sometimes too!

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