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Starbucks Revealed.

Many of us are big fans of starbucks and we have our coffee made just the way we like it. As we excitedly enter the doors, we may notice the weird symbol on their logo. I did at first and then just gradually got used to noticing it that I forgot about it. I stumbled across some websites about the logo and my friend brought me a link that had more information.

The logo is a half fish and half woman creature called a Siren. She entices her victims by promising them sex. Disney changed the image of the Mermaid in a more innocent waif, and many forgot the original image of mermaids.

Starbucks is a two-tailed mermaid. It changed it's image several times over these years and became more subtle, but it's still there.

This starbucks goddess is also known as ISIS.

Isis has six strands of wavy hair. Six is the number of the Kaballistic "Macrocosm," the universe, it being the number of sides of the three-dimensional cube. The wavy lines symbolize vibration - the root nature of all substance.

Isis wears a crown on her head which is a cut up pentegram that represents the world of spirit. This crown could therefore be said to represent the presence of spirit hidden in worldly desire.

The numbers 6 and 5 together combined as 65 is very important in their religion. Six is the number of the macrocosm (the world), and five the number of the microcosm (spiritually developed man.) The number 65 thus symbolizes the power of spiritually evolved Man operating in the world.

Isis appears as fish to symbolize Pisces.



  1. Jenn said...
    Well, that is very interesting. I never really paid much attention to their logo. But, I have only been there about 4 times. We live in a very rural area and there isn't a starbucks any where near us. Doesn't make much sense to me to have such a logo, really its kind of disturbing.
    Lady Jess said...
    Yep, I read some of that a while back. But I didn't know about the number significance. Very thought provoking.
    Krystal said...
    I'm with Jenn. Why have such an odd logo,knowing that some may, in fact, find it offensive?

    I never really paid attention to the logo, but I try to limit my Starbucks, anyway. It's pricey, and the drinks are loaded with sugar and caffeine. I usually try to limit myself to one drink a month. Often, I don't go at all.

    I heard something a while back about Starbucks... something to do with them donating money to a shady cause, but I don't remember exactly what it was, now.

    Anonymous said...
    How bizarre, I never knew Starbucks even had a logo. I thought it was the letter "S" or something predictable. It's strange to think, there is evil lurking in every aspect of life... it's a daily battle and us humans are growing blind to it every day. Thanks for sharing! I love my small town cafes with yummy TRUE blended mochas. Starbucks is too generic for this gal ;) no offense to y'all!
    LisaShaw said...
    Charlene, my husband and I don't purchase from Starbucks but I just read your message to him and he said he never liked the emblem when he's seen it in passing and that he was familiar with this information you're posting. I will share this with others.

    Thank you for being attentive to the leading of the Holy Spirit to research and give information so that people can then make informed decisions.

    Happy New Year.
    Forget Me Nots Design said...
    I grew up in the land of Starbucks but have never heard anything about this. I read the article and agree that it is creepy, but I wonder whether Starbucks purposefully chose this for the "spiritual" purposes or if it is just seen as a "mythical sea creature". Starbucks is from a city that was originally dominated by the sea and sea trade (and lumber), now it's more known for technology. A mermaid is a sea symbol. I wonder if anyone has ever asked Starbucks, I think I'll go check out their site and see. (This is Theresa at StitchesofGrace, I'm signed in with the wrong account)
    Mrs. Bridget G. said...
    Wow, i never would have believed it, unless i saw it. I thought that it was just a face. Some random chosen figure. But why would they have it? It has NOTHING to do with coffee.
    Shiraz said...
    Wow thanks alot - it really is significant info. My original beef with Starbucks was thier undying devotion to the expansion of Israel, and the fact that the CEO is a Zionist (the definition of which is questionable, to me - it's an evil movement). But then I seen something in the youtube series entitled "THE ARRIVALS" (a must see), which proclaimed the name Starbucks refers to - Bucks for the Star of David - or satanic pentogram. Nevertheless, I noticed this whole occult obsession with godesses from all eras - statue of liberty, the colombia pictures symbol etc.. and then I noticed every street corner in Toronto has a Starbucks with multible signs bearing that logo - facing every possible direction. It only occurred to me then thats lady isis in there! - Jeez these guys are worse than I speculated. when i visited vegas, there is no alternative to Starbucks coffee whatsoever - lucky for us Canadians we have plenty of competition - Second Cup, Timothy's etc that serve better latte - not that its even healthy.

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