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I cried when I saw this video!! I saw this on Sharing Life with Lisa's Blog, Click HERE for her blog. What a beautiful video! It is only a few minutes and WORTH watching!! Its called the BRIDGE. Click on the link below!


  1. Clara Van Nattan said...
    I have actually read that story before, my sister sells it in tract form (she operates a non-profit store selling Bibles, tracts and all kinds of Bible literature and resources). When I watched the video it made me cry too even though I already knew the story!
    Judy said...
    Wow. I'd heard the story of the bridge, but it is even more powerful seeing the video.Thanks for sharing.
    Lisa said...
    Thanks for sharing this Charlene.

    Love ya!
    Lisa said...
    I just awarded you the Fabulous Blog Award so come on over to my Sharing Life with Lisa blog to see!

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