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Angels and Demons.

Today, I was sitting by the window on my couch. I had finished my book and I was drinking coffee. I was thinking about the Lord and then remembered a recent experience. It was a beautiful, awe-filled experience. I feel it whenever I remember what happened. I have wanted to share it with my friends but I haven't because I was afraid of what they would think.

Then I started thinking that I shouldn't be worried about that at all. The Lord has showed me something profound and it shouldn't be kept a secret. I decided that I would write about it tonight.

I'll start with a brief explanation first. Growing up, as a girl, I have always been able to see spirits. Not like psychics do and no, not like the Sixth Sense movie. For a reason that I haven't understood yet, God has showed me these things. I saw a lot of dark, shadow people growing up. I also saw demonic entities who took on many different forms. We were haunted growing up and I believed they were following my father.

When I was ten, I found Christ as my Savior. That experience changed too. I still see spirits sometimes but they are not here for me anymore. I see them passing by once in a while. I ignore it most of the time.

This summer, some of you remember that I was living in a dangerous area and that we were stalked by a gang in white masks. They would come and bang on our door in the middle of the night trying to get us to let them in. My brother in law saw a gang wearing white masks ready to pounce if we opened the door and he called 911. They did this four times. It was scary enough, but I didn't tell anyone about what was happening on the inside of the apartment.

The apartment was haunted and we struggled during the time we stayed there. They would turn the lights on and off, bump on our bed while we were sleeping, run fast out of the corner of our eyes and Brady had a bad incident where he saw one of them. He was inconsolable for three hours and just cried and cried and wouldn't let me go.

One night, I was online and I felt a heavy presence just cower over me. I felt surrounded by invisible and evil beings. I ignored it and walked to the kids' room. I immediately saw something run fast past the corner of my eye. I ignored that and crawled into bed with my kids. I said my nightly prayers and suddenly, I heard shrill shriekings in my ear. Mind you, I am very deaf, so if I heard it, it must have been extremely loud.

I kept praying. Suddenly half of my face felt like it was burning. The room was dark but I saw a pitch black mass on the ceiling. It was frantically moving about the ceiling. I ignored it, closed my eyes and kept praying. I heard the high pitched shrieking again. I looked again and this time, the black entity was fighting with something.

I didn't want to stare at it directly because it terrified me. I looked over to the side by a few inches and could see it clearly. The black mass was fighting against a clear being that looked like water but it was invisible and I could see it move. It's hard to describe but it's like the Hollow man movie with Kevin Bacon and that even though it was clear, you could see it move. I believe that was an angel.

They were fighting intensely and clashing against each other in a speed that was not human. I can't explain it but the moving was not at Earthly speed. It was so quick, so fluid and so fierce. They kept clashing and clashing without pausing for a second and whenever they clashed, I could see sparks fly in the middle. It looked like white flashes or fireworks whenever they clashed and it was like swords clashing to me even though I did not see swords.

The black entity paced around the ceiling and tried to attack the angel from different sides. My heart was pounding and I started reciting Bible verses outloud by memory. I fumbled over it a few times because I was panicked. When I recited the verses loudly, the fighting actually got MORE intense! It became more violent and more quicker. I believe the Word of God had an impact.

This actually continued for several long minutes. Usually, when I see spirits, they run away but these were different. I have never witnessed ANYTHING like this! And I saw it for a prolonged period, maybe 6, 7 or 8 minutes! I have never seen them fight too!

I ran quickly to my mom's room and we turned on all the lights. We prayed and rebuked them in Jesus' name. I slept with the light on every single night (outside for the intruders and inside for the spirtual intruders) for a month until we finally moved.

I am still in awe and I believe the Lord had Angels fight for us. I feel so.. humbled by that. Just, wow. I don't know why God shows me these things, but I feel blessed because I know beyond a doubt they are real. When you see it, you have no choice but to believe it. I am here to tell you all that there are Angels and Demons fighting for us. It's real.

And I know not everyone will believe me. I haven't told many about it but I've heard from others that they have went through a similar experience and have seen things. People are afraid to speak up and share their experiences because they are afraid of what others might think. That is so disappointing. I think we ALL should speak up and share these experiences. It'd do so much if more people started coming forward.

I understand that not every person has seen a spirit, good or bad. I want to remind you that it is Biblical. The Bible speaks of Demons and Angels countless of times. They are real beings and they are out here, fighting over us. I know I will never, ever forget this experience. It leaves me in awe every time I think about it.

Do not fear. Remember the demons tremble in the presence of Jesus.

"For he shall give his angels charge over thee, to keep thee in all thy ways." Psalm 91:11

"For it is written, He shall give his angels charge over thee, to keep thee" Luke 4:10

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  1. Clara Van Nattan said...
    This is an amazing story. I have never seen anything like that, but Daniel was telling me that he knows a pastor who has a ministry where he tries to help people be delivered from demons through prayer. This one time Daniel was telling me about, the pastor's wife and adult daughter were in the room with him while he was doing this, and the pastor's daughter saw a black 'being' behind the woman who was being delivered of the demons, much like the black 'being' you described. I believe the spiritual world out there is more involved and bigger than any of us knows. Saying Bible verses aloud is such an important thing to do in any situation when we are afraid, and this kind of situation especially.
    Power Up Love said...
    I’ve watched programs on television, shows like the, Science Channel have showed just how we only us a small part of our brains capacity. I’ve watched a show the other night where they talk of the brain being much like a muscle. The more we use certain parts of the brain the stronger it becomes.

    I wouldn’t doubt any of what you’ve said. Because I believe that the more we tune in the more we become aware, of what’s around us. Think of it like this; there’re TV, cell phone and radio signals all around every one of us right now, but we can only see the TV signal when we have a TV turn on in the room. The same is true for cell phones and radios, unless we have the receiver we can’t hear or see a thing, but they’re there.

    Back to the brain, when people are missing a their sight, hearing, etc. the brain has been proven to compensate and become strengthened in other areas. Knowing this, I think what you’re experiencing is very real for you. I’ll pray that God will guide and direct you in on how to use your gift:-)

    May God Bless…
    Sisterlisa said...
    I believe you and I have seen them before too. I believe God has allowed you to be sensitive like that and I believe the closer we are to the Lord the more sensitive we are to having that discerning spirit.
    Megan F said...
    Hi Charlene!
    Lisa sent me your site. I have seen spirits since I was a child. I played with a little girl during the middle of the night (I think I was 5) she told me her name was Tiffany. I found out many years later that I had a cousin pass away named Tiffany.
    We lost our daughter in '04. She has made MANY appearances. My niece who was 3 at the time actually played with her.

    I have seen white figures in my house MANY time, and the TV has turned on by itself. I have also been touched in a loving way, so has my husband.

    After my cousin passed I too had an experience. It was during the middle of the night (my husband works graveyard). The bedroom door creaked open I thought it was my husband and I called out for him, and then I felt something stroke my hair. I wasn't scared actually. I felt that God sent her as he has sent my daughter.

    You do have a gift. Unfortunently because of it, you will see bad spirits. I believe that they are trapped on earth, we don't know where hell is exactly...... I believe it is their "hell".

    Pray for guidance, but don't be afraid, the energy will draw from you when you see negative spirits.
    Please email me if you any questions, I am a true believer.
    Hugs to you,
    Anonymous said...
    Wow, that is both scary and amazing. I know it happens. The Bible says we do not wrestle with flesh and blood, but against the darkness and the principalities of the spiritual world.

    I remember when I was 8-9 Mom gathered all of us kids around to pray, and we prayed for 5 hours. We were going through difficult times with people at our church AND the "gang-y" people in our apartment complex. They would pull pranks on us and wanted to have it out with Dad. Anyways, we were praying, and just crying out to the Lord, and after several hours the fire alarm just went off. Starting going crazy. There were no candles, no smoke, no fire to be had, and I believe it was satan trying to divert our attention and our spirits away from praying, the most powerful weapon a Christian can wield.

    I've never seen spirits, but I've felt evil presences around me either when I was afraid or something or my spirit was depressed. I had to get bold and courageous and tell them to hit the road. PTL for the freedom to tell satan and his demons to FLEE in the Name of JESUS!
    Theresa said...
    I am one of the people who is often afraid to talk of my experiences, especially coming from a very conservative background where some people do not even recognize this. In our home, I have seen the shadow that you mention - usually I feel it first, like someone is standing and watching me and when I look up, it's like I just missed them as they slipped out of the room. And two years ago when my Husband was gravely ill and I was home alone with the kids, I felt a spirit come into our room and I told it to leave, that this was God's house, protected by Jesus' blood and it left. These experiences have been very real to me and sometimes I sense a bad presence in stores or places. My family doesn't really understand it. I figure God must be showing me something to warn or protect me. I have a cousin dabbling in the occult and wondered if that is why this has happened. I'm glad you are out of that place!!!
    Joyful@JoyfulJourney said...
    You have a very interesting blog.
    I look forward to reading more.


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