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Picture People 12/11/08

We got a free package from Picture People under the Toys for Tot program! What a blessing it was! I would never have been able to afford this and we finally have a family portrait!! Thank you so much SisterLisa and Toys for Tot! God is great!


  1. Clara Van Nattan said...
    These are really beautiful photos! I'm pretty biased - like most moms I often feel that my kids are some of the rare REALLY cute kids out there ;) but I honestly think your boys are adorable!! (those who know me would know that is a high compliment :D )
    Lisa said...
    What a beautiful photo of the three of you and what handsome boys!

    I know that you know how BLESSED you are! Praise the Lord!

    Sister Lisa is certainly Jesus' helper. Since I don't believe in elfs but I do believe in helpers of the Lord and Sister Lisa surely is one!

    Bless all of you.
    Judy said...
    What handsome young men you have there. A wonderful family portrait.
    About the Author said...
    Charlene, you are so striking! And those little kings... so adorable!

    My laptop's being repaired, so I haven't been able to keep up with your posts as much, but I'm going to read all of them once I'm fully up and running again!


    Lady Jess said...
    Oh, how cute!
    SuperAngel said...
    HOW PRECIOUS! those are so sweet! Beautiful pictures! your boys are so adorable!
    Miss Amanda
    The Daily Planet

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