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Satan Claus.

I was planning on writing an article about Santa Claus but I found this amazing article that explains the Biblical and historical depth of Santa Claus much more than I ever could. It is the best website that I've found about this and I want to refer you guys to this link,

And I know many of us have childhood associations with Santa. We may have become enamored with him and like Lisa describes it, we have become "grafted" in. I encourage you to truly take a look and learn the truth, especially for our children. They are the ones being exposed to Santa the most. Who is this being that we are allowing our children to become so enamored with? As parents, we must know!

I have never really liked Santa for some reason growing up. My soul feels stirred when he appears. I never knew why until I researched more about him. We do not celebrate Santa or have any Santa decorations in our home. I excite my kids with Jesus and never speak of Santa unless they ask who he is. I will be honest with them.

As we know, Satan is a great deceiver. He will not appear to the world as a wicked creature with horns and a tail. He wants to allure the world and seem harmless and appealing. He also wants to mimic the likeness of God. Santa (switch the words around and it'll spell out Satan), says he sees us all the time, knows when we are good or bad, he claims to be omnipresent (everywhere at once) and omniscient (all knowing). He is mimicking the power of God and taking his glory. Christmas is ALL about Santa and Christ is banned from Christmas. As a matter of fact, Christ was not the origin of Christmas if you research the history. Miss Jocelyn wrote a wonderful article about that HERE.

Many Christians say that God can see what's in their hearts when they celebrate Christmas and that their intentions are pure. The Bible says our hearts are wicked and if only we knew what God saw when he looked into our hearts!

"The heart is deceitful above all things, and desperately wicked: who can know it?" Jeremiah 17:9

The majority of people keep Christmas because of their own desires. What about God's desires? He abhors these things. I want to delight in what the Lord delights and have no part in what offends him! Let us forsake our own carnal desires that the devil works hard to appeal, and seek after the Lord.


  1. Clara said...
    *grin* Very nice. I couldn't agree with you more! Do you know, I never even tried looking for evidence that santa is really satan, I had not even tried googling it... I just thought about what the santa figure tries to be and the way the world is enamoured with santa, and unjumbled the letters and lined it up with what the Bible says about satan, and decided that santa and satan must be one and the same. Your research proves me right. :)
    Californialily said...
    Amazing how you figured it all out on your own! You are blessed with the gift of discernment :)
    Tranquillity said...
    Amen! Well said as usual CJ. :) I had a conversation with a Christian at work about this the other day, and he brought up the "God sees your heart" thing, and another idea that Christmas is a time to get the message of Jesus out...hah, like this country doesn't know who He is??? They just don't want the Truth about Him!
    beth said...
    First Oprah, now Santa Claus. I never saw with clear vision before, but now that I look with the scales taken from my eyes I can see the work of Satan. Bless you, Sister for your posts.

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