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Be Back Soon!!

I will be gone from today until Saturday evening! I am attending a Women's Conference out of town in a gorgeous place! It'll be so much fun to go with the girls from church, my mom and my sister included! I will be back to catch up on all the blog posts & emails! Love you guys! _\m/

And Martha.. NO SUGARFREE CANDIES! You know what I'm talking about Missy!


  1. LisaShaw said...
    May the LORD meet you all there so that your time is full of His presence.

    Safe travels in Jesus Name!
    Beth in NC said...
    Have a wonderful time!!! Be blessed!
    Anonymous said...
    I won't bring my sugar free candies..


    Only IF..

    ... You hide that disfigured toenail from me ((shrieks and runs away))
    Miss Charlene said...
    Hun, you know my toenail is fabulously gorgeous now! I found the cure online a year ago. Find something new to diss me with sistah! ;)
    Judy said...
    Hope you have a wonderful time of refreshing and renewal. It's always great to be with your sisters in Christ.

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