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Rejoice Marriage Ministries

I found a wonderful Christian ministry online that helps Christian people facing divorce, separation and even those who have already been divorced. This ministry is called the Rejoice Marriage Ministries. It is run by a sweet couple named Charlyne and Bob Steinkamp. They were married, they were divorced and God blessed their reconcilation. Now they have been married for over twenty years and it is stronger than ever. Their website has wonderful testimonies from others they have helped, Q&As to help others facing this situation, resources, radio shows, devotionals, emailing subscriptions and so forth. I wanted to share this for everyone who may be seeking God's will for reconcilating with their ex spouse.


  1. LisaShaw said...
    I'm glad you found something that is encouraging to you Sweetie.

    Blessings and peace!
    Martha said...
    Oh my, this will be a fresh perspective for you :) I am glad you are looking for tools to help you obey God, instead of looking for a "way out". I know you will be blessed for that, kudos to you! I will be checking out that link <3

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