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Home From Napa!

I am home! I had a BLAST at the Women's Conference this weekend! I got to go with my awesome girlfriends, mom & sister! This was my first year to attend this conference in Napa and it was a gorgeous place! I saw rolling hills, vineyards and hot air balloons! I'd love to visit this place again!

I enjoyed all the sermons and the sessions we took! I got to know some wonderful speakers and hear their testimonies. We laughed and we shared some tears. We also went to Starbucks.. a lot. I almost had a coffee overdose :P

I also sought God in deeper matters that I was dealing with in my life right now. He reaffirmed all my decisions. He reassured me with new hope, and gave me a renewed trust in him. I feel more confident in God's will. The trip was well worth it.

I also love what Miss Jocelyn wrote on Facebook recently, "I know that the LORD holds my future in the PALM of His HAND!!!!! Go ahead satan try to get it, have you seen His hand??? Ha!" Amen to that!!

I also missed my babies!! I got to wrestle with them for an hour before bedtime and give them kissy-kissies! Brady even helped me kiss HIS OWN arms too, isn't that cute?? Landon bashfully told me he missed me and blushed! Lol. It's good to be home!! ♥

And I'm looking forward to next year girls! I hope more of you will decide to join us too!!


  1. SuperAngel said...
    so glad you had such a great time! :)
    We missed ya tho and are so happy to have you back!! I bet the boys were even more happy when you got home!
    HUGS! and LOVES!
    The Daily Planet
    Judy said...
    Glad that you had such an enjoyable time and feel so renewed and refreshed in the LORD. I know you're happy to be back with your boys.
    Jenn said...
    So glad you had a wonderful time!
    Sisterlisa said...
    It was wonderful and it reaffirmed decisions I have made too. And Martha helped me grow past some pride brought on by suffering I am in right now. I came home and cried into my husband's chest about so many things.I am still praying for those whose actions have been hurtful. It was my first prayer when I woke up.
    Beth in NC said...
    I'm so glad you had a wonderful time. And there is nothing like kisses from you children!

    Bless you!

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