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Beginning of Thoughts

Hi everyone!

I have internet back on, finally. I definitely missed blogging and writing for God. I also missed learning and fellowshipping with you guys. I can't wait to start writing again! I also noticed that I have thoughts here and there that say enough instead of writing long passages everytime. I'd like to start posting simple, brief thoughts here and I'd love your input.

Here is my first one.

I was sitting last night and it occurred to me that another reason to prove that God does not have a mother (ex. holy mother of God, etc) is because He is the Alpha and Omega. He is the beginning and end. God was never created or conceived by anyone before Him.


  1. Heart2Heart said...

    What a great point. Can't argue with that!

    SO glad you are back and joining us in the blogging world again!

    Love and Hugs ~ Kat
    Teresa @ Grammy Girlfriend said...
    Glad you are back....I always enjoy your blog...
    Pilar said...
    I am so glad that you are back on posting :) Miss you here

    Our God is a great God! This may be hard to understand for those that try to reason God,but then is when faith comes in.
    Jesusb said...
    Hi Charlene!

    My way of looking at it is: Mary gave birth to the Son of God into our world, so she simply represented Him into human form for us. And in carrying Him in her womb, she had to be pure and sinless, so she is indeed holy: the highest honor of our race. And if it was ordained that He came to be our brother on earth, than she is to be our dear sweet Mother. That's just the way it makes sense to me.

    I'm so happy for you and Mike! Congratulations to you both! I hope you have a looong and wonderful life together!! :)

    ..And nice to have you back!

    Mary :)
    Miss Charlene said...
    Thanks for sharing your perspective Mary. Mary was definitely blessed to be chosen as a vessel. Sometimes God uses us for His purpose and will, but we are humbled as mere vessels. Nowhere in the Bible can I find any verse saying she was holy or sinless. She also didn't remain a virgin either since she was married and had more children after Jesus. Also in Matthew 12:50, Jesus said anyone who does the will of His father is His mother, brother, sister, etc. We are all equals and all under God. Mary is our equal and she was under God as well.
    Miss Charlene said...
    Also, are we to be sinless and holy in order for God to use us for His will?

    Throughout the Bible, we see God using broken and imperfect people for His glory. There is none perfect but Christ alone because He is Lord.
    Jesusb said...
    Hi Charlene!

    No, your bible probably doesn't say that Mary was holy and sinless. Actually there isn't very much written about her at all, so without an understanding of the times or an accurate history, it's hard to give her a definite title. From private revelation, I've actually read that she (Mary) requested that the evangelists eliminate her as much as possible from their writings because, at the time they were trying to convert a lot of pagan religions and she knew that they would likely confuse her for a goddess or something, and she wanted to be sure that they understood that their worship should be directed to one God. So, this may be one of the reasons why she's not written of much, but who's to say for sure.

    As far as Mary being pure and sinless, I've already given my reasoning for my belief in this in our previous conversation, about her being the fulfillment of the ark. To reiterate it would be going in circles, but I might ask: is it within God's power to create 'perfect'? And would God desire perfect for His son to be contained in? Or I should say, why wouldn't God desire perfect for his Son's tabernacle? And it also makes sense (to me) that He would want one person on earth that could 'relate' to Him in his ministry and comfort Him in his trails, and who better than the one He'd be likely to love most on earth: His Mother. It just makes sense to me, that in something that God designed to have a head: Jesus, and a body: us, should also have a heart: the Mother. Our big spiritual family!

    For these kind of things I like to read up and try to understand as much of the history as I can, as well as take the Church's interpretation on it, and with those two things, I usually find there's always a sensible answer. The Bible can be downright confusing at times (probably because of all the translations). For example, did you know that 'brethren' also meant 'cousins' in Jewish? And if Mary did have other children, why didn't Jesus give her to them at the foot of the cross instead of to John?

    I hope you have a great Sunday!!

    Miss Charlene said...
    All I have to say is that we all need to be careful of what would 'make sense' to us that is not written in the Word. For God tells us not to lean unto our own understanding. The enemy loves to cause confusion and division, but we all should cling steadfastly to His Word alone for His is the way, truth and the life.
    Sisterlisa said...
    When did revelations become private?

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