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613 Laws of Torah Has Been Fulfilled!

Some of you follow me on Facebook and have witnessed that I have lost a friendship with a Sister in Christ over disagreements about the law. It's been difficult, because we do love and care for her and her family. I will remember them in my prayers, and think fond things of them, but I must still stand for the truth.

The Truth Is: If we choose to follow the law, we are choosing to have a yoke of bondage. We are choosing to reject grace, and then Jesus Christ has died in vain. He fulfilled the law while he walked on Earth and his death brought us liberty.

Jesus Christ followed the 613 laws of the Torah completely. He perfected the laws while he walked on Earth as a man. When we receive him as our Saviour, we are receiving his perfect righteousness. Jesus Christ took our place and received our punishments. We traded places with him and became heirs to the Kingdom of Heaven. When the Father looks at us, he sees his Son in us. He sees Christ's righteousness in us! He sees all 613 laws of the Torah completed in us!

I was driving this afternoon and worshiping God. I was in awe of Him and I told Him that I have nothing to offer. I have failed. When we break one law, we're guilty of breaking them all. Even at my best, I am not good enough.

If we were good enough, we wouldn't need Christ. We wouldn't need him to leave Heaven and die for us. We wouldn't need a Saviour.

I need Him.

When I try,
I'm still gonna fail,
All my righteousness
Is worthy of hell
You looked down and saw me dying, Lord
You came down from Heaven with love
And you took my place
And you took my place
You died the sinner's death for me
And you let me take your place
And you let me take your place
And now the Father sees the Son in me
by, Charlene


  1. Joye @ The Joyeful Journey said...
    This is so beautiful, Charlene!!! I love your words--your heart for him! I can just hear your poem set to music, it sounds like a song! You are right--Christ has fulfilled the law!!


    Love you!!
    Miss Charlene said...
    Thanks! People say I write poems, but I sing them all! Especially while I'm driving :D
    Mich said...
    Beautiful words offered to a Beautiful Savior. Thanks for sharing.
    Lady Jess said...
    I didn't know you wrote poetry...Wow, you're really good!
    Martha said...
    Amen! I choose to focus on developing a personal relationship with the Lord instead of dwelling on legalistic ties to the OT. I will receive his commandments because I love the Lord but I know I am saved only through Jesus and the blood He shed for me. His blood is ENOUGH to save my soul and his death was not in vain, my good works fall short of glory. Praise the Lord for his grace!!!

    Awesome musical poem ;) you're a talented chica indeed!
    Krystal said...
    Thank God Jesus paid the price!!!
    christy rose said...
    Charlene, It makes me sad to hear that you lost a friendship over such good news. I believe the Lord will restore that friendship one day for you.

    God's grace is amazing. Sometimes the goodness of His plan in making me righteous in Jesus overwhelms me. He is so good! I do look forward to the power of the work of the cross being manifested in me as I lean upon Him to bring it to pass. All that I could not do before because of my unrighteousness is made possible through the power of His work in me. I now can bear the fruit of righteousness because the Righteous One lives in me! But only as I lean upon Him and not myself outside of Him does it come to pass.

    What great thoughts you have presented here!
    Today's Christian Mom~ said...
    It is so hard to lose a friend over the truth but they will not get us to heaven only the truth will.
    Sisterlisa said...
    True Martha, there is no amount of good works, or obeying of the OT Law that does us any good in God's eyes, We are only good through the goodness of Christ our Lord. Our righteousness is but filthy rags. We are told in scripture that people will know us by our fruit, not by how many OT Laws we obey. The Fruit of the Spirit is in Gal 5.
    Denise said...
    I was blog hopping and found your blog. The title piqued my interest as there is a song called "Bring the Rain" that has really been meaningful to my life lately. I am also interested in writing as well.
    Beth in NC said...
    That is beautiful Charlene!

    No, I didn't know about the lost friendship. I'm sorry that happened.

    Bless you!

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