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How to Dig for Treasure

The Bible tells us to dig in his Word like hidden treasure. It is more valuable than gold!

Here are some tips to really dig deeper into the Word of God. The Bible is like a jigsaw puzzle, and the pieces are ALL OVER the Bible, in both the OT and NT. Every verse has layers, and it leads to a bigger picture. The Bible can be the most exciting and exhilarating book you'll ever read!

Tip #1: Find Keywords. Each word is a key to a bigger piece of the puzzle. Track it down all over the Bible and list it.

Tip #2: Get the Greek and Hebrew translation. The grammar is structured differently, but you can find the real and accurate definitions to the word. Sometimes the English word can have three or four different Greek words and meanings to the same word.

Tip #3: Get a concordance and find all the references to the verse you want to learn more deeply.

Tip #4: Once we unlock a piece to the puzzle, we'll find MORE puzzle pieces and trails! So write down what you have learned in a journal, and categorize it.

Tip #5: Most importantly of all.. Pray for God to reveal his truth to you. Only he can lift the veil off our eyes and make his Word manifest to us. It is the living Word, and it leaves 'wise' men of the world dumbfounded. The carnal mind cannot perceive it, only the spirit can.

In our group, when we bible study together, we have several books open all at once at the table. We have the KJV open, the Geneva Bible open (has amazing and historical notes from Puritans that were martyred and persecuted for hundreds of years), The Greek and Hebrew translation, Strong's Concordance, and a dictionary.

Happy Hunting!!!


  1. Jenn @ A Country Girl's Ramblings said...
    Thanks for sharing these tips!
    Martha said...
    Lovin' it! Thanks for the tips mah dear :)
    christy rose said...
    Great tips Charlene!
    Isn't it wonderful that no matter how much you dig in the Word, you still find more and more treasure every time. It is an endless place to dig.
    Krystal said...
    I recently viewed a teaching about studying the Bible. And it was said that READING the Bible and STUDYING the Bible are two very different things. When we read, we do just that: read it, much like we do any other book. But when we STUDY the Bible, we often consult multiple translations, secondary sources, etc.

    Both reading AND studying are necessary, I think. Great post!

    Beth in NC said...
    Ohhhhh, I love to do all of those things! Before "" I used to spread every translation I had on my table as well as my concordance (with Hebrew/Greek). Ahhhhh, so much fun!
    Anonymous said...
    searching the Scriptures is commended in the Bible - we need to be like the Bereans in Acts! I would find it very hard to study the Bible without my Concordance!
    Andrea said...
    Amen...great tips!!

    Blessings and prayers, andrea

    PS: I have to use a journal to jot down my thoughts and what I learn, so I do not lose it!
    Joye @ The Joyeful Journey said...
    I LOVE this post!! What a great way of putting it (and God thought of it first! LOL!) to dig for TREASURE in the Word of God! This is just awesome!
    Heart2Heart said...
    Thank you for sharing some enlightening ways to see the Bible with fresh eyes.

    I will definitely take you up on that!

    Love and Hugs ~ Kat
    christy rose said...
    Please stop by my site today, I have a lovely award for you,
    LisaShaw said...
    As much as I use online Bible I still use my regular Bible and other reference materials more. God has truly blessed us all!

    Blessings and peace dear sister. Love ya.
    Sisterlisa said...
    Oh yes this is it! My husband taught me how to study my Bible JUST like this. We have so much fun studying like this! Some nights I can't sleep because of the excitement of finding hidden treasures in our study time. It's electrifying!

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