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Excited :)

Ever since I made that decision to turn over my life to God all the way, I really do feel led by him. I notice God is working in my life. He is putting things in my life and telling me to serve him this way. He is taking out other things in my life that were not good for me spirtually. He is bringing me to Godly people and I am making friends with them. The people who were not good for me to be around have suddenly left me alone. I can see that he is forming my life in his hands and changing everything around. I am so thankful for that! My desire for God to do this is huge!

God heavily impressed on my heart to be a stay at home mother and I felt honored to follow his command. God sent me wonderful Christian friends who have helped me grow spirtually. I was asked to write in a devotional blog for women and that was a huge honor for me. I am seeking God daily and asking him to lead me on what I should write about. I got emails recently from several people who were impacted by what I wrote in a positive way and it is thrilling! I also want to use my hands and sign songs of praise to God. I am just so thrilled and excited to be led by God and this is the first time in my life that it is happening to me. I am honored to serve my King. I can't even put it in words! All of it is because of this conscious decision that I made to give everything to God and let him take the reins. No more living my life in my own way and MAN, I wasted all those years too!

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  1. Martha said...
    Isn't it a great feeling?!? Keep the flame alive by daily worship, I noticed we need to keep the flame alive by constant communication with God. Good luck and congrats on finally not wasting another day!! :)

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