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To the Freethinkers.

I have a friend from school that I was eating lunch with yesterday. I admire her and she makes me laugh. Yesterday she started talking about religion. She is a proud "freethinker" and was frusturated when her close friend "found religion." I couldn't help but smile at that phrase. She said her friend was far too eager to share a bible story with her and kept sharing what the pastor said about it. She told me that it seemed that her friend had no independent mind of her own. I guess that is the way the world may see it because Christians don't seem to be analying things or questioning everything.

I kept thinking about that while I was in bed last night. I wished I had the right things to say. I was listening to her but couldn't come up with the perfect answer. That frusturated me.

I started to realize why we seem "mindless" to the world. It is not the lack of mind that really is so. It is because we have truth. We no longer need to seek any further for it, nor question things and analyze everything. Why should we when the answer to everything is right in front of us? God is truth and he gave us the answer to everything in our Bible.

I know what the meaning to life is. I know what happens after we die. I know what God has planned for the future of the world. I know he was there before all of this came to be. With every little thing that we seek, God gives us what we need. Therefore, that is what differs us from the "freethinkers." We found the answer and they haven't yet.

The answer does not rest in memorizing Socrates or Aristole. These are empty words of lost men. The Bible says, "Beware lest any man spoil you through philosophy and vain deceit, after the tradition of men, after the rudiments of the world, and not after Christ." Colossians 2:8-9. Where are these men now? They will only join the rest of us when facing Jesus Christ on judgement day.

I don't think freethinkers are free because it is truth that sets you free. Those who have found the truth in God are the ones that are truly free.


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  1. Sisterlisa said...
    Does your friend not know that you go to church? Was she referring to you as the mindless one? I have found that when people are headstrong like that, that to be silent and pray, then ask God to lead the next conversation with her.

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