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The Dam Broke

I cried all morning. I feel like the dam broke. I just realized that I am the one that has been pretending that nothing has happend. I didn't want to feel the pain. I thought if I ignored it, then it would go away, but it didn't. I never forgave him all this time. I said I did, but I really didn't. I have been so angry and hurt all this time. I buried my feelings inside and I didn't allow myself to cry during this entire divorce! I finally did for the first time today. I was cleaning the house and talking to God, and then God pushed my heart and the dam broke. It's good to cry. I am finally letting it all out. I want him to know, wherever he is, that I forgive him.

First Rain


  1. Sisterlisa said...
    Sometimes crying is the best therapy. (((Hugs))) Praying for you my dear dear friend.
    Anonymous said...
    ((((great big hugs)))) for you.
    Martha said...
    We can't move on until we face our emotions... so brava, you're well on your way!! It's all part of the healing process :) I'm proud of you chica ;-)

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