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Hey Sunshine!

I have exciting news to share!! I got in touch with the lady who works at the county school district and she is sending me an application to be a substitute teacher aide for the deaf! She says that I meet their qualifications. It will also give me a lot of time to be home with my children and to earn that extra income to pay for Landon's schooling! I am psyched!!

Also for that extra, extra moolah, I am thinking about making jewerlies at home and selling them online! It'll be a fun project to do!

And thank you SO much for your reassurance and support. I feel so much better than yesterday. I feel like the sun is rising and God is here to take care of everything. He also blessed me with wonderful friends!!


LOVE, Charlene _\m/


  1. Martha said...
    Congrats!! I know you can do it!!

    Jewerlies? You always crack me up!!

    Alright alright, I am guilty of "neckless" so I will not tease ;-)
    Heather said...
    wow! jewerly business... let me see your works and maybe I'll buys some off from you.

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