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A Green Family!

Here is a new picture update of us! It's been a while since we had one! Landon is 4 and Brady is 2, and they're growing like weeds! Cute weeds, of course. Have a happy St Paddy's day!!


  1. Jenn said...
    Love these pictures! Your boys are so adorable!
    Anonymous said...

    Whether they like it or not, I am still pinching their cheeks the next time I see 'em!!

    MWAHAHAHAHA... I am the typical Auntie Martha with heavy lipstick after all :P
    Judy said...
    What handsome young men you have. You all look great in your green.
    Beth in NC said...
    What a beautiful family!
    Anonymous said...
    HOw cute! :)
    Mrs. Bridget G. said...
    Like the layout, you scared me, i thought i was at the wrong blog for a second. lol.

    Your sons are adorable.
    Deanna said...
    very precious! you 3 look so happy!
    SuperAngel said...
    aww! SOO CUTE! Love the pics and love y'all!
    The Daily Planet

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