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Interview with My Son :)

I got this great interview idea from Daughter of the King! I thought it would be so fun to do with my son who is 4! I'll try not to giggle ;)

1. What is something Mom always says to you?
Landon, clean, pick up, throw in the garbage!

2. What makes Mom happy?
Make stuff clean.

3. What makes Mom sad?
If you be mean?

4. How does Mom make you laugh?
If you be silly!

5. What was Mom like as a kid?
You meet my dad?

6. How old is Mom?
Um, twenty four?

7. How tall is Mom?
Um, really far?

8. What is Mom's favorite thing to do?
Um, do work!

9. What does Mom do when you're not around?
Um, just wait?

10. If your Mom becomes famous what will it be for?
Um, to be happy!

11. What is Mom really good at?

12. What is Mom not good at?
Um, being mad!

13. What is Mom's favorite food?

14. What do you and Mom do together?

15. If your Mom was a TV character who would she be?

16. How are you and Mom different?
Um, she makes babies.

17. How are you and Mom the same?
Um, we watch tv and ninja turtles!


  1. Anonymous said...
    Haaaaah, snorts. That's right, mom makes babies!! I think that's the only thing she's good at (run away from you).
    Miss Charlene said...
    Heey *(throws a tomato at you)*

    He's right though. I am not good at being mad. I try to look mad, but they just laugh at me.

    Eggs? That's HIS favorite.

    Go Ninja turtles, gooo!!!
    Beth in NC said...
    Ha! Very cute.
    Lady Jess said...
    lol That is so cute!
    LisaShaw said...
    How sweet!

    I love your new blog look.

    Bless you precious and your beautiful sons.
    LisaShaw said...
    Unsure if my last post went through. I receive an Error message.

    Anyway I was saying I enjoyed reading this message. It's so sweet.

    I like the new blog look.

    Have a blessed weekend to you and your precious boys. Love ya.
    Daughter of the King said...
    Precious!!! Number 9 just melted my heart. :) He knows you love him so much that you would just sit around and wait for him to come home. So sweet!!!

    Deanna said...
    very sweet! i interviwed my 2 kiddos also in the earlier week. i saw the idea from a different blogger though :O)

    i've enjoyed your blog postings. my son is hearing impared- hearing loss & a lack of clarity of sound even with his aids on both ears, he is a pure joy in our lives! he does very well too.

    i saw your post about the catholic faith. i'm with ya! however, i have to agree with another commentor that even in your goodness to present the truth, i don't foresee it to prompt the catholic community much. the reason i say this is because i am the only one on my father's side that is not catholic, although my direct family household is protestant, i've seen and been around catholics a whole bunch in my life. i just hold tight in my faith for my loved ones that tho they are catholic they do proclaim that Jesus' death and ressurection is what their final foundation of salvation rests upon. i really don't understand the rest that they do or confess, i can't support much it biblically. but i love them very, very much still :O)

    i look forward to visiting more, your inspiration here is beautiful.

    nice to meet you, Deanna
    Deanna said...
    hi again, thanks for visiting me at my blog!!

    my son, I'm not sure if he would be considered 'deaf' some people refer to him that way and some do not.

    he had a severe speech and language disorder (he has improved much over the years- we homeschool, and I help him out a lot ~ he is 14 now) He received tons of speech therapy which never helped him, because of course he had a hearing loss that was not detected until he was 5 years old. Finally after a couple of hearing tests which falsely proved that his hearing was fine.... we were led to a specialist and he did an ABR test on him and praise God we finally learned that he did indeed suffer a hearing loss. He is deaf to high pitch sounds, however he does hear quite well with other sounds once his aids are on. He has been labled just between a mild/moderate hearing loss in both ears. But, the real biggie is that he also has neurosensual damage, Meaning that even though the sound is amplified with the aids, he still suffers with the clarity of sound. .... he often says to me, "Mom, I can hear everything, but I don't understand." ~ He watches all tv/movies with caption on or else he'd be a lost little puppy :O)

    My son is as stubborn as a mule (uh, he gets if from me :O(

    I have tried numerous times to attempt to learn signing with him at home. We've signed up for classes. He refuses to learn. He says to me, "Mom, I can hear just fine when I focus and when people speak right at me I am fine, I don't need my hands."

    So... after several miserable attempts, I've finally let it go.

    His audiologist has stated that he has a stable loss, over the past 9 years, his hearing has remained stable and not worsened.

    The biggest challenge with his hearing loss is his stuggle with speach/ correct expressive language/ grammar/ writing / articulation/ a lack of vocabulary / and a lack of communicating well.... but, all that comes with the teritory :O)

    He has been homeschooling for the past 7 years and he has improved so well in all these areas! Praise God! He loves being social and hangs out with his friends and they laugh and have a good time. It blesses my soul!

    thanks for asking about my son. If ever you have any suggestions that are helpful for us/him, please shower us with them.

    the picture of boys are ADORABLE!

    Much Joy,
    Deanna said...
    hey, it's me again :O) I haven't seen an email where I can respond back to you, so now I've bombarded your comment box!

    thanks for the sweet encouragement over at my blog, I need it for sure:O)... while you were commenting, I was probably posting an update to that particular post, lol!

    thanks for sharing your heart with me about 'stuff' like this.

    have a beautiful day.

    and thank you so much for your insight that you passed on to me about your own endeavors with language/speech/grammar/ expressive language! What hope the Lord gave me. I have true confidence that my son will be just fine and successful and I will look at his hearing loss/struggle as a blessing. Who knows what the Lord has in store for him! But, with God, we know it will only be Good and Glorious!!

    thanks for your beautiful heart :O)

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