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Teaching My Son About Salvation

I had a wonderful idea all of a sudden on how to explain my oldest son, Landon, about salvation. I grabbed a line paper, and a red pencil. I told him that the red pencil was Jesus' blood that he shed for us on the cross. I made several marks on the paper and said those were called SIN. We thought of several examples of what sin could be and marked them down!

I said that we could not go to Heaven with a dirty paper. God wants a clean paper.

So we took the red pencil and erased all the marks of "sin" off the paper. Now the paper was clean and white! I said, Jesus' blood washes away our sins! Now our paper is clean and we can go to Heaven!



  1. Krystal said...
    That was an excellent idea! I'm gonna use that!
    Judy said...
    That is a simple explanation a child can understand. Good job. We need to try to make it easy for people to see and understand.
    Lady Jess said...
    How cute! You're a smarty, mommy.
    Pilar Stark said...
    It is such a great way of explaining little ones! I may have to borrow this from you :). So simple, but so clear.
    Praise God for Him erasing our sins!
    Beth in NC said...
    You are so smart Charlene! What a great analogy!

    LisaShaw said...
    Charlene, this is wonderful!!!

    Your son face is priceless!!!

    I left you a response message on my Marriage blog. I'm praying for you.

    Love you.
    Deanna said...
    very sweet! and his smile is pecious
    Joye @ The Joyeful Journey said...
    I love this!! I've been looking for easy to understand analogies and examples to share with my lil man--I can't wait to use this! Everyday I pray that God is preparing the soil of my son's heart to receive Jesus--and that he will serve the Lord all the days of his life!
    Jenn said...
    Great idea! I'm going to have to use this.

    Also loved the post with the pictures of you boys. So cute!

    Thank you so much for your comments on my blog lately. They really mean a lot to me. Very uplifting and that is what I need. I am so glad God helped me to find you. You are a blessing indeedl, my friend!
    Anonymous said...
    That is such a awesome idea!

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