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A Love Note from God.

I learned from the Women's conference that we need to seek God in our everyday lives. Often times he is there, showing himself in small ways throughout our day, but he goes unnoticed. I want to practice paying attention and I want to learn to recognize God in my life.

Lately, it has been pouring rain. I have not seen this much rain fall in this area for years. We have been needing it because of the drought. I noticed that the tree that rests in plain view from my living room balcony was bare. But, as the rain continued on, the tree started blooming. Everyday, I see the flowers grow more and more.

It's like a love note from God to me, telling me that we need the rain to bring forth the blossoms. Just like in life, we must endure these things because what they bring forth is worth it. Remember, Winter brings forth Spring.

God brings me hope whenever I feel like I'm losing mine. He's so beautiful in so many ways. Without him, I would be grieving. With him, I find hope, joy, love and peace. So Lord... bring on the rain. I trust in you.


  1. Judy said...
    I believe God does show Himself as you said in small ways if we just try to notice. Trees definitely show us lessons. We need the rain in our lives, too. Thanks for continuing to bless my life with your writing and sharing of yours.
    Jenn said...
    Beautiful! Sometimes it is hard to see the beauty on the other side for all the rain. But, God places these trials in our lives to mold us into who He desires for us to be.
    Kari said...
    What a wonderful, beautiful post. Thank you for this reminder that "we need the rain to bring forth the blossoms." It's an easy thing to forget while standing in the middle of a downpour.

    I have been blessed by your blog and am glad to have found it.

    Kari :)
    LisaShaw said...
    Amen Charlene! Learning to be sensitive to the presence of the Holy Spirit is so vital to the nurturing of our relationship with the LORD. He is there in big ways but in all the simple and beautiful ways as well. He is incredible and we never want to miss that opportunity to experience His presence.

    Love you.
    Together We Save said...
    You are so right. I need to look more at how the lord is working around me.

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