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A Mom Has Got to Brag, Ya Know?

I noticed how handsome and BIG my boys have gotten, so I snapped some pictures this morning! My heart melts looking at these pictures, aww. They're becoming heart throbs! *(oh-noes!)* I need to buy an electric fence to keep the girls out!!

This one cracks me up, LOL!


  1. Lady Jess said...
    Ahhhh! How cute.
    Judy said...
    Your boys are cute. I liked the picture where your oldest was sticking out his tongue. Boys are precious. I just spent the last few days with my two grandsons, Fischer is 3 1/2 and Garrison is 6 months. What fun. Yes, Mothers and Grandmothers like to brag.
    Van said...
    I love it!! Gotta build a fence to keep the girls out -- I have two boys also. There is nothing more precious than two boys and a mom.
    Krystal said...
    It looks like they have your eyes!
    SuperAngel said...
    awwww! they are so handsome! :) totally beautiful!
    The Daily Planet
    Anonymous said...
    I'm their scary AUNTIE!! ((pinches their cheeks hard))


    OW! I can't resist touching them through the electric fence

    *shock again*

    They're just so cute!!!
    carmen uy said...
    They are both very handsome. I think they got that from you.
    LisaShaw said...
    They are absolutely adorable. May the Lord's hand of covering remain upon them and may they walk in JESUS' ways only and always and may they always love their Mommy and give her respect and rise up and call her blessed because SHE IS!!! Praise the LORD!

    Love you sweetie.
    Deanna said...
    aww they are beautiful boys!!!!! very cute for sure!!!!!!

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    Pilar Stark said...
    aawwww. you have such handsome boys...We make pretty babies haha!

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